Hi! My name is Jimmy Himes and I am a queer/enby communications strategist and Emmy-nominated content producer. 


Based on what we've been taught and told, it is so tempting to treat organizational communications plans like a performance.


But I approach messaging with more sustainability in mind. As both a strategic planner and crisis tactician, I thrive working with organizations looking to craft thoughtful campaigns around important initiatives and missions, but I am also available to respond to messaging emergencies as they unfold. 

I spent most of my professional career as a journalist, working in newsrooms around the country. After leaving TV news in 2018, I began consulting with policymakers, small businesses and advocacy organizations developing media strategies. My professional experience has afforded me a backstage pass to some really well run organizations, and some not-so-well run organizations. One thing has been consistently clear: 

Groups comprised of individuals who are secure in themselves and their intentions are overwhelmingly more capable of expressing themselves and in developing effective communications plans along with some mindful consultation, guidance and access to resources. 

My job is to help focus in on the most valuable part of any organization. With a people-first approach to comms, I get to the root of why folks do what they do and help them translate that passion into effective communications plans and messaging projects. Check out my SERVICES for more specific offerings!